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Neuroscience as a Passing Fad

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Psychiatrist Jeffery Schwartz from UCLA has this interesting analysis:

[T]his vast output of neuroscience research over the last many years is largely a waste of money. Why? Because it doesn't really have any real world human application. Neuroscience is increasingly looking like a passing fad - at least in its current version. Until it changes to a form in which conscious attention has physiologic effects or has a dynamic causal role in how the brain functions, all this research is basically not applicable to anything that's particularly useful, and so the whole thing has been a gargantuan waste of money.

Schwartz is right insofar as so much of current neuroscience research operates under the assumption that the brain operates independently of the person; that the "user" is just along for the ride.  Or as was wisely said many years ago:

It is well known that there are many depraved persons who, by continued indulgence in vice and crime, have so debased and debauched their moral sense and blunted their susceptibilities that the 'still small voice' of conscience no longer responds to the dictates of human or divine law, and fails to utter warning against the impulse of greed or passion.

Hat tip: Brains on Purpose

1 Comment

I hope they inform jurors during voir dire that they are going to present this type of evidence. I don't think as a juror I could listen to it without major eye rolling.

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