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A Strange End to a Capital Case

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George Smithey murdered Cheryl Nesler in 1988. He was sentenced to death the next year. The California Supreme Court unanimously upheld his conviction and sentence on appeal in 1999, 20 Cal.4th 936.  Last week, "a Calaveras County Superior Court judge last week vacated Smithey's death sentence and resentenced him to life in prison without parole," AP reports.

Before the resentencing paperwork arrived at the Big Q, Smithey hanged himself with bedsheets.

1 Comment

I feel bad about him. How could he hanged himself?I know that to be sentenced of a death and be re sentenced of life in imprisonment is not that good news. But thinking that he opted to killing himself is not that acceptable to the eyes of people and mostly to the rule of God. Killing oneself is the biggest sin that someone could ever committed.

Anna Marie

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