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Tired of Being Called a Racist?

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Well get used to it.  Those who enthusiastically support the death penalty and other forms of serious punishment for serious crime are just the latter-day Klan, according to one sort of thnking  -- the sort briliantly described in the "oikophobia" essay to which Kent made reference earlier today.

It's well worth the read, as is this column by Charles Krauthammer.  Krauthammer's piece is titled, "The Last Refuge of a Liberal."  You will not be surprised to learn that the refuge is the reflexive but still snarling charge of racism.

Krauthammer does not discuss the culture war about the death penalty, but he might as well have.  To abolitionists and a distressingly large number of other liberals, there is no such thing as principled or good faith support for capital punishment.  There is only the fact that blacks make up a much larger share of death row than they do of the population, and that suffices to show that, if you support the "barbarism" of capital punishment (as do two-thirds of the American people), you are a racist (as they are).

The fact that the great bulk of recent scholarship shows that the death penalty saves innocent lives by its deterrent effect (abstracts collected here), or that for some especially gruesome murders a mere prison term could not possibly be thought of as justice by a normal person  --  these things don't count.

As I said last week, abolitionism and the go-easy approach to crime in general can no longer be thought of as "arguments" as traditionally understood.  They have become a Test of Righteousness and a cult religion, and have a cult religion's certainty and venom. 

1 Comment

What is racism and death penalty have in common?
I guess that death penalty will really minimize the crime rate.

Carmela Lee from Meuble design 

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