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Cal Coburn Brown Executed in Washington


Cal Coburn Brown was executed by the state of Washington last night.  The story is here.  Brown raped, tortured and murdered a young woman, Holly Washa, in 1991. Here are links to the prior posts of Sept. 7, 2010, March 9, 2009, and June 4, 2007.

 Mr. Brown was not particularly repentant.  The story notes that:

Brown protested sentencing disparities, saying that criminals who had killed many more people, such as Green River killer Gary Ridgway, were serving life sentences while he received a death sentence.

"I only killed one victim," he said. "I cannot really see that there is true justice. Hopefully, sometime in the future that gets straightened out."

Brown did not apologize to the family of the victim, but said he understood their emnity for him. He said he forgave that hatred, held no emnity toward them...

Well that's cool.  The rapist and killer "forgives" the family of the victim for thinking poorly of him.  You can't make this stuff up.  No wonder abolitionists refuse to talk about specifics.

Congratulations to the Kings County District Attorney's Office for its sustained, outstanding work in this case, which is the first execution in Washington since 2001. 


UPDATE:  An astute reader points out that Brown's last words, though odious, were cogent.  This puts the lie to his lawyer's argument, made only shortly before, that he was mentally incompetent.  The reader asks why sanctions should not be imposed for an argument that the lawyer almost surely knew was false.  My own experience from the US Attorney's Office is that it's next to impossible to get sanctions imposed on a criminal defense attorney; unfortunately, courts seem to have come to accept false (and even preposterous) filings as part of the game.

[Update 2: The Supreme Court's order denying a stay is here. No dissent noted. -- KS]


The press has the annoying habit of minimizing the facts of the crimes. Brown tortured both his victims. Considering his long history of violence towards women, it's sickening to see the young female protesters on his behalf.


Has a video of the family stating how utterly relived they feel now that the execution has been carried out. They are also pleased that Brown can never get out and hurt anyone again. [In custody, he would be a continuing danger to any woman who works in the prison.]

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