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Rehab Strikes Again

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The never-ending debate between rehab and imprisonment is, well, never-ending.  One thing we know for sure is that a significant increase in the number of criminals imprisoned has coincided with a significant decrease in the crime rate.  Indeed, as C&C has noted, over the last 15 to 20 years  --  as what is called "incarceration nation" has taken hold  --  the crime rate has fallen by more than 40%.  That means many thousands of people have not become crime victims.

Those in the Compassion Industry are duly unimpressed.  They insist that imprisonment is a relic of discredited punitive thinking.  If we could just get our minds right, we would see this.

I know it's unfair to argue by anecdote, but it can also be somewhat illuminating, and in this instance, it's irresistable.  Thus I bring you the latest from Ms. Rehab herself, Lindsay Lohan.

1 Comment

As someone who has worked on the inside supposedly "rehabilitating" these people, let me say that it generally does not work.

In NYS, the untold millions spent on rehabilitation programs is staggering. The problem is that they are mostly mandatory for the inmates, making the programs completely inefficient. If a 22 year old gangbanger does not want to learn, no amount of cajoling by even the most well intentioned teacher is going shove the information into his head. The same is true of sex offender counseling, drug counseling, etc. Most are unrepentent and spend their days raging against the system that they feel was unfair to convict them.

The solution is to offer programs for only those who volunteer, with no promise of any early release or parole. Let the ones who want to be rehabilitated (maybe 10%)do it. The rest, stack them in like cordwood to protect society. You cannot "make" them get better if they have no desire to do so.

The origin of the problem was the Great Society programs and hippie culture, which tore apart the fabric of the family, faith in God, and personal responsibility. These virtues must be taught when they are children and it is almost always useless to do so in prison, when their perverted way of thinking is so ingrained and all of the peer pressure is in the same perverted direction.

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