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The Pitiful, Helpless Giant


CBS News reports tonight that WikiLeaks has possession of a secret State Department cable that, as the broadcast puts it, is a virtual "to do" list for Osama bin Laden.  It lists numerous choke points around the world that, if attacked, could massively harm our national security.

The United States is, or until quite recently was, a great power.  For such a power to allow these disclosures to continue is stupefying.

One would think that our strongest law enforcement agency would take action.  (Actually, in a sensible world, one would think that it would have taken action months ago when WikiLeaks started down this path).  And action, if you want to call it that, is underway.  Eric Holder held a press conference.  WikiLeaks must be trembling.

It's impossible to summarize in a small space the damage WikiLeaks is causing.  It needs to be put out of business, pronto.  The minimum we should expect from the Department of Justice (or the Department of Defense if that's what is needed) is that this menace be brought to a stop.  But we can't get even a hint that that might happen.  What we actually get is the usual  --  mumbling and feckless posturing.

"Hope and change."  Righto.



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