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Memory Lapse

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There are some events that everyone who is out of early childhood at the time remembers as long as they live, 9/11 being the most recent.  June 4, 1968 is another.

Well, almost everyone.  Sirhan Sirhan claims not to remember the events of the latter date, Linda Deutsch reports for AP.

Like the other once-death-sentenced murderers of the Class of '72, Sirhan is eligible to be considered for parole.  California had no "life without parole" sentence at the time, so everyone taken off death row in the debacle of that year became eligible for parole.

ABC-TV director William Weisel is a surviving victim of the crime.  "Having covered the White House through seven presidents, he said he does not ascribe to conspiracy theories because, 'The government can't keep a secret.'"

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Another take on Weisel's comment, which I have used frequently myself, is as follows:

Those who believe in government conspiracies have never worked for the government.

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