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Better Late Than Never

Stephanie Hessler of the Manhattan Institute, and a former Senate Judiciary Committee staff attorney, has this article in the City Journal:

Two years after President Obama banned military trials, he has now come full circle, vindicating the legal strategy of President Bush. Of course, in the interim, detainee trials have been significantly delayed. But at least Obama has discovered the wisdom of the policies he once maligned.
Don't hold your breath waiting for an apology, though.


Both Kent and I noted this salutary development in back-to-back posts on March 7. As to an apology, ha! Obama demagogued this issue to a fare-thee-well in the 2008 campaign, and demagogues typically are not really into apologizing.

You mean, I assume, that they are not really into apologizing for their own transgressions. They are very much into apologizing for the real or imagined transgressions of the country as a whole, especially while they are in other countries.

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