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A Case Worth Dropping


The New York Daily News puts it as well as anyone:

Despite the heroic success of just one week ago, in which American intelligence and military might combined to kill the biggest enemy of civilized society, the U.S. government could still proceed with prosecutions against the CIA interrogators whose work contributed to that victory.

Compare and contrast the mixed messages.

Message one: When announcing Osama Bin Laden's killing, President Obama said, "We give thanks to the countless intelligence and counterterrorism professionals who've worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome."

Message two: On Tuesday, CIA Director Leon Panetta admitted that the agency's use of "enhanced interrogation techniques against some of those [suspected terrorist] detainees" played a role in tracking Bin Laden down.

Message three: In August, Attorney General Eric Holder appointed a prosecutor to investigate alleged CIA interrogation abuses - a move that could lead to charges against some of the very people who helped get Bin Laden.

Message four: Career federal prosecutors had closed a probe of the same matter with a no-action recommendation.

It matters not whether the agents in question contributed a little or a lot to Bin Laden's death. They did their best at a time when the United States was horrified by the prospect of another attack to safeguard their fellow Americans.

Laud them, don't pursue them.

Drop the damn prosecutions.


At some point, Obama is going to have to tell Eric "Marc Rich" Holder to drop this crap. Why? Because it's going to be an issue in the election campaign. Maybe if the GOP would grow a pair and pass a law that says that no government money could be used to prosecute these CIA heroes, then they could get out from under this cloud. Love to see Dem Sens vote on that.

When I was an Assistant U.S. Attorney, I quickly found out that the first and most elementary question you should ask yourself is: Am I dealing with a criminal?

By "a criminal," I mean what most normal people would mean -- someone who acts out of greed, lust, malice or some other bad faith motive to advance some lawless aim.

The CIA interrogators do not meet that definition. To me, that's the end of it. The Department of Justice is not so flush that it can spend its time going after people who aren't criminals when there are so many out there who are.

Bill, you know this isn't about going after "bad guys", it's an ideological crusade.

But Eric Holder is a patriotic man, and so are they all patriotic men . . . .

"Bill, you know this isn't about going after 'bad guys', it's an ideological crusade."

Ideology and the power to prosecute are a terrible and dangerous mix.

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