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Reason Number Eight Zillion Why the USA Is a Great Place


"Equal Justice Under Law" is the motto inscribed above the entrance to the Supreme Court.  It is also the object of relentless derision from those who view the American criminal justice system with contempt.  To them, the system is simply a tool for the upper class to intimidate those farther down the ladder.  Cases are not about evidence, and citizens are not indicted because of their behavior.  Instead, cases are about bigotry, economic or racial or both, and citizens are indicted to put them in their place.

You might think this weary, Marxist-style critique would have given up the ghost by now.  Not exactly.  Read any defense-oriented blog and you'll see it has just as much currency as ever.

So I had to take note when I saw tonight that the head of the IMF  --  an international Mr. Big who must define the upper class if anyone does  --  got taken off his first-class flight to Paris and arrested on the word of a hotel maid that he had sexually assaulted her.  MSNBC has the story

Anecdotes can be misleading, for sure.  But every now and again, you see one that gives you a reminder.  In this incredibly fair-minded and decent country, Equal Justice Under Law is not just a slogan.


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