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Sting Operations, Guns, Drugs and Jihad


Every now and again, when I was a federal prosecutor, the defendant would come my way through a "sting" operation, in which he was typically selling drugs for guns, or vise versa.  His counterpart was, unknown to him, an undercover federal agent.  When caught red-handed, the defendant sometimes would offer up an entrapment defense, essentially claiming that, but for the agent's importuning, he was really just Mr. Nicey.

Sting operations are controversial, because they can be made to seem as if the government is going out of its way to create criminals, rather than spending such resources as it has to apprehend the numerous criminals already open for business.

Thus I bring you this story about a recent sting operation in New York.  Readers may judge for themselves whether the government was out looking for trouble, or was looking to untrack a catastrophe.  The short of it is that the two fellows involved tried to peddle drugs to an NYPD officer in exchange for what can only be described as a fully stocked arsenal.  The plan, you will not be surprised to hear, was to kill Jews in Manhattan. 

Neither at home nor abroad are we going to win the war that has been thrust upon us by being passive.  If we don't look for them, they are going to find us.

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