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"The Death Penalty Is Dying"....Oh....Wait.......


There are any number of principled people who oppose the death penalty, but, let's face it, a big chunk of the opposition is no more than kumbaya sloganeering.  It has all the seriousness and depth of over-the-hill hippies looking through "Your Introduction to Medicare" while humming "Give Peace A Chance."

But I digress.

One of the favoriite abolitionist slogans is: "The Death Penalty Is Dying."  This is usually announced in conjunction with the reminder that it's no longer practiced in the caucasian countries of Europe  --  but oddly omitting that it remains in most of the world, including the Orient, the Pacific Basin, the Subcontinent, Africa and the Middle East. 

Today's Washington Times story illustrates that, contrary to the sloganeering, the death penalty is, far from dying, expanding to a partcularly primitive form of murder that only now is being recognized as among "the worst of the worst":

NEW DELHI - India's top court recommended the death penalty for perpetrators of "honor killings," calling the practice "barbaric" and "feudal" in a ruling cheered Tuesday by activists who hope it will inspire opposition to a crime seen as anathema to a democratic nation.

Most victims have been young adults who fell in love or married against their families' wishes. In some cases, village councils ordered couples killed who married within the same clan or outside their caste. While there are no official figures, an independent study found around 900 people killed each year in India for defying their elders.

The Supreme Court on Monday affirmed a life sentence imposed for a man convicted of killing his daughter but added a warning: "People planning to perpetrate honor killings should know that the gallows await them."

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