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The Root of All Evil

Conservatives are not the only ones having fun with all the head-scratching over crime trends that confound the Politically Correct conventional wisdom.  Richard Cohen has this column in the WaPo:

"Counter to the prevailing expectation that crime would increase during a recession," it actually dropped last year and violent crime is now at nearly a 40-year low. So said the New York Times last week. But what the Times did not report is precisely why it was so surprised to learn, yet again and probably not for the last time, how the "prevailing expectation" may be limited to people who think as did Marx (Karl maybe, Groucho for sure) that money is the root of all evil. On the contrary, evil is.

I pick on the Times out of tough love. The paper's evident surprise at the falling crime rate shows a remarkable tenacity in clinging to shopworn and disproved dogma. Crime is not committed by good people who lose their jobs. It is committed by criminals who never had real jobs in the first place.

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