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What Happens When There Are No Consequences


The drumbeat from the Left is that American society is too punitive, fails to give second chances, and is in a rush to "marginalize" whomever it can get its hands on for minor offenses.

The truth is that we snooze past unmistakeable warning signs and have a shockingly blase' attitude toward repeated misbehavior.

This was perhaps most graphically illustrated in the horrible Petit triple murder.  The killers had been convicted time after time, but were still out on the street.  An unsuspecting family paid the price, while the Left, without a trace of embarrassment or reflection, continued to preach about the lack of second chances.

The blase' attitude was illustrated again today in a less horrible way  --  but only because almost anything would be less horrible.

A tour bus driving up I-95 north of Richmond was involved in an accident that killed four passengers.  Driver fatigue was part of the cause.  Not that this should have come as a surprise; the tour company had been involved in four crashes in the last two years, and had been cited 46 times before for allowing fatigued drivers.  That's FORTY-SIX.  But nothing happened  --  until today.  The story is here.

When there are no consequences to criminal indifference, sooner or later it comes home to roost.   

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