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Name That Creep

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Today's quiz:  Who is it that, when confronted with evidence of outlandish misbehavior, undertakes the following strategy:   Indignantly lies, accuses others, suffers from "bad memory," plays the victim, and claims that he/she "panicked," even after days, weeks or months of thinking it over?

a)  Casey Anthony, explaining how her two year-old daughter happened to wind up dead.

b)  A prominent New York lawmaker.

c)  Your everyday felony defendant.

d)  All of the above.

The answer is too easy to get into, but as of this afternoon, we can concentrate on b).

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One amusing aspect of the story is how the press has tiptoed around describing the picture. Maybe they should go with the language of the statute at issue in Osborne v. Ohio, 495 U.S. 103, n.11 (1990): "covered male genitals 'in a discernibly turgid state.'"

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