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Here is a new term for a concept that has been in need of a word for some time.  From the Racer of the Week blog, we have this video of radio host Tony Katz interviewed by Contessa Brewer on MSNBC.  It is April 28, 2011.  They are discussing the birth certificate kerfuffle, and Brewer makes a typically unsupported accusation that the controversy was really about race.  Katz says this:

If there are "birthers," and they're all crazy and silly for wanting to actually see a birth certificate, well let's talk about the "racers" -- the people who believe that everything is a conspiracy about race.
That is a good term and a good comparison.  The people who find racism every place they look and as the hidden motivation for every position they disagree with are every bit as "crazy and silly" as the birthers.  They are far more dangerous, however, because many of them are in positions of power and influence.  Perhaps most pernicious of all for the long term, many of them are in academia, filling the heads of the next generation with their craziness.

I got the link from James Taranto at WSJ, who has this post on Bizarro World Racism.  Mitt Romney says Barack Obama has a European type of viewpoint on policy issues, and Chris Matthews finds race in that.  Huh?

Of course, we see "racer" arguments all the time in criminal justice.  The death penalty is racist because black people are a larger portion of death row than of the general population, conveniently overlooking the fact that black murderers are a smaller portion of death row than of the population of murderers, the relevant denominator.  And on and on and on ....

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The basic reason for accusations of racism against those favoring serious law enforcement is to put them on the defensive and, ultimately, intimidate them into silence. It's a smear, pure and simple -- the latest in liberal McCarthyism.

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