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Punishment for Imprisonment

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Sam Stanton of the SacBee reports on the sentencing of Phillip Garrido.

Garrido forcibly took Jaycee Lee Dugard away and held her prisoner for many years.  As punishment, society is going to forcibly take Garrido away and hold him prisoner for many years.

Anybody have a problem with that?

Is anyone going to hold a candlelight vigil for Garrido?  Will we hear unctuous sermons about how it is wrong to hold people prisoner to show that holding people prisoner is wrong?  Will we be lectured that doing so lowers us to his level?

Not likely.

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Of all Kent's many insightful posts, this is as close as I've seen to being completely unanswerable. I would use it every time you're debating the DP, and your opponent says, as they often do, "Why do we kill to teach that killing is wrong?"

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