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News Scan

Ohio Serial Killer Talks at Sentencing:  The Plain Dealer (OH) staff reports convicted Ohio serial killer Anthony Sowell gave an unsworn statement today during the penalty phase of his murder trial, apologizing to the victims' families and stating that "this is not typical of me."  ("This" apparently referring to the murders of 11 women and the stashing of their bodies in his house.)

LA County May Pull Its Own Handoff of Inmates:  While strategizing on how to handle the hundreds of state inmates expected to be transferred to Los Angeles County supervision by the end of the year, officials are considering whether to transfer some of those inmates to "community correctional facilities" across the state.  Such a strategy would undermine one of the supporting arguments for California's inmate diversion plan - to keep offenders closer to home to assist in their rehabilitation.  County officials maintain that it would be used as a last resort, but a team of sheriff's officials recently took a trip to a town in the San Joaquin valley (more than 100 miles from LA) to look at a potential lockup.  Robert of the Los Angeles Times has this story.

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