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The civil right to raise hell in subsidized housing

James Bovard has this article in the WSJ about the Obama Administration making subsidized housing even worse than it presently is.

Poverty is correlated with crime not because poverty causes crime but because irresponsibility is correlated with both.  That is, while a good many responsible people are poor through no fault of their own, the ranks of the poor include proportionately more irresponsible people than the ranks of other income strata because irresponsible people tend to be poor.  Those irresponsible people are more likely to engage in crime and otherwise behave in ways that make life difficult if not miserable for those around them.  It is the responsible poor people who suffer most from the actions of the irresponsible ones.

A government that really cared about the responsible poor people would crack down on the irresponsible ones.  A government that cares more about demographic numbers than real people would instead obsess about a crackdown on irresponsible behavior having a "disparate impact" on a demographic category of people, defining that category by race, sex, or income without differentiating responsibility versus irresponsibility.  That is exactly what the Obama Administration is doing, cracking down on local governments that try to crack down on people who raise hell, according to Bovard.

Nevertheless, middle-class blacks are the program's least inhibited critics. Sheldon Carter of Antelope Valley, Calif., testified at a recent public hearing on local Section 8 controversies: "This is not a racial issue. It is a color issue. The color is green and it's my dollars." Shirlee Bolds told Iowa's Dubuque Telegraph Herald in 2009: "I moved away from the city to get away from all this crap. Dubuque's getting rough. I think it's turning into a little Chicago, like they're bringing the street rep here."
We need to wake up, folks.  The great divide in America today is not between white and black or rich and poor or labor and management or any of the old divisions.  The great divide is between the responsible people on one side and the irresponsible people and their apologists on the other.


I wish I had written this. I'm jealous.

Much like the Obama Administration is doing in other areas of government, they are making key changes in important policies not through the democratic process but through covert, internal, changes they hope never reach the radar of the American people.

The truth is that Section 8 housing destabilizes neighborhoods. If found in significant numbers,it destroys neighborhoods. Not content with spreading this cancer into hertofore stable neighborhoods, HUD is now seeking to allow ex-cons to move in with relatives and hand a federal trump card to tenants evicted due to domestic violence incidents to sue their landlords.

Soon, no responsible landlord will agree to be part of the Section 8 program.

Unreal. Perhaps these enlightened DOJ lawyers should have to live in these neighborhoods.

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