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The Welfare State Riots, Part III


Kent and I have blogged about the increasingly undeniable fact that the riots in England take root in a culture of grievance and entitlement.  It's the culture pushed upon us by an overgrown welfare state, where handouts count and morals don't.

As if to make the point in bold relief, the Telegraph has this article about the mother of a 13 year-old rioter.  Momma has identified the source of the trouble, that being  --  guess what  -- the state.

Not all of her thinking is distorted.  She turned her son in to the police, no longer able to control him.  She is also correct in thinking that the state has a hand in his dysfunctional life  --  but not in the way she conceives of it.

Other than that, her attitude is a case study in what welfare state culture has brought us.  It's ugly, and it's coming to a city near you (if it hasn't already):

The boy, who cannot be named because of his age, was one of the very few defendants to walk free from court, after receiving a nine month referral order for burglary and violent disorder.... 

[His mother] is on benefits, does not live with the boy's father and has 10 other children, the court heard.

Outside court she told reporters she was ''ashamed'' of her son.... 

But the woman also suggested her son was not entirely at fault, when asked who she blamed for the looting.

''The government,'' she replied, her son by her side, adding: ''There is f*** all for them to do.''

The boy's father claimed his son suffered ''police brutality'' because his parents appeared to be under the impression when they took him to police on Friday he would be released before going to court.

Instead he was kept in police cells over the weekend.

And there you have it.  She's on the dole, doesn't live with the father and has ten other children.  The father, wherever and with whomever he might be hanging out just now, thinks the kid is a victim of police brutality because he was held in jail for the weekend.

We don't need to know "why they hate us."  What we need to know is why we think so little of ourselves that we continue to finance an unaffordable, standards-free welfare state that produces a child who, at 13, may already be an irredeemable criminal disaster.


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