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Don't underestimate what America has achieved since 9/11

The Washington Post has this editorial, with the above headline:

ON THE 10TH anniversary of al-Qaeda's attack on New York and Washington, the conventional wisdom seems to be evolving from "We will be hit again" to "Osama bin Laden won by provoking us into a decade of overreaction."

The feeling is understandable but incorrect, and it would be dangerous if it took hold. Yes, the nation made big mistakes over the past decade. When has America ever geared up without excess and error? But the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon alerted Americans to genuine dangers that only a relative few had noticed. We have lived safely for the decade since not because we misread those dangers but because we responded to them in a manner in which, on balance, Americans can take pride.

I don't agree with everything in the editorial, but on the whole the WaPo gets it right.

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