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Fed. DNA Backlog Cleared

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Speaking of DNA, USDoJ's IG reports:

Our review determined that as of September 2010, the FBI Laboratory's Federal DNA Database Unit had effectively eliminated its backlog of convicted offender, arrestee, and detainee DNA samples. We determined that the FBI reduced this backlog from over 312,000 samples in December 2009 to a workload of approximately 14,000 samples in May 2011. As part of the unit's backlog reduction efforts, from January 2010 through May 2011, the unit uploaded almost 500,000 profiles into CODIS. The FBI currently has the capacity to analyze 60,000 profiles per month, and as of September 2010, the unit was able to begin processing accepted DNA samples within 30 days of receipt. Our audit revealed that the FBI achieved these results by implementing a backlog reduction strategy, hiring additional personnel and contractors, using high throughput robotics, implementing Expert System software for a semi-automated review of DNA profiles after completion of analysis, and reconfiguring laboratory space for more efficient processing. The FBI has achieved a significant accomplishment in reducing the convicted offender, arrestee, and detainee DNA backlog to a manageable monthly workload.

Thanks to Mike Scarcella at BLT for the link.

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This is very good news. Let's hope that many heinous criminals are caught and convicted as a result of the hard work of these dedicated law enforcement professionals.

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