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News Scan

Ohio Judge Seeks to Improve Death Penalty Procedures: Andrew Welsh-Huggins of the AP reports Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O' Conner announced Thursday that the court has convened a committee consisting of judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, lawmakers and academic experts to review Ohio's capital punishment procedures. O'Connor emphasized that the review is not to debate whether Ohio should have capital punishment, but whether the the current system is administered fairly, efficiently, and in the most "judicious manner possible."

Death Penalty Possible for Accused Nevada Murderer: A panel of prosecutors in Clark County, Nevada is considering whether to seek a death sentence in the case against Javier Righetti, 19, who is suspected in the recent abduction, rape, and murder of a high school sophomore. The county coroner said 15-year-old victim Alyssa Otremba was stabbed more than 40 times and burned beyond recognition. Righetti also admitted to another sexual attack and robbery, which police said are being investigated. Righetti's attorney, Deputy Tim O' Brien, said review by a death penalty was "not unexpected" in this case. Ken Ritter of the AP has this story.

Executed Ax-Murderer Loses Federal Appeal: The AP reports a federal appeals court on Wednesday rejected a challenge to Delaware's execution lethal injection procedure filed by ax-murderer Robert Jackson III shortly before his July 29th execution. The appeals court issued its ruling despite Jackson's execution, saying the appeal affects other Delaware death row inmates.

Robbery Suspect Leaves Wallet: CBS Pittsburgh reports robbery suspect Walter Gunter, 37, made his case easier for Pittsburgh investigators after he allegedly robbed a 7-Eleven, then left behind his wallet containing his prison and state identification cards. The store is located just a block away from the city's police headquarters.

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