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Timing Is Everything


On Thursday morning, liberal Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne published a column titled, "Time to Leave 9/11 Behind."  In it he said, among other things:

After we honor the 10th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, we need to leave the day behind. As a nation we have looked back for too long****If we continue to place 9/11 at the center of our national consciousness, we will keep making the same mistakes. Our nation's future depended on far more than the outcome of a vaguely defined "war on terrorism," and still does. Al-Qaeda is a dangerous enemy. But our country and the world were never threatened by the caliphate of its mad fantasies...

On Thursday evening, about 12 hours later, that same Washington Post carried a story titled, "Possible al-Qaeda Plot Against D.C., N.Y."   The story starts:

U.S. officials are investigating a possible al-Qaeda plot to detonate a vehicle-borne bomb in Washington or New York City around Sunday's 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

A handful of individuals may have entered the United States in recent days as part of the plot, which officials said originated from the tribal areas of Pakistan along the Afghan border. One of them may be a U.S. citizen.

Numerous officials familiar with the information cautioned Thursday night that while the threat is specific and worrisome, it is based on raw intelligence that is unconfirmed....Yet the mere prospect of an attack to coincide with such a sacred anniversary sparked jitters in New York and Washington, where President Obama was briefed Thursday morning and updated throughout the day, even as he prepared to address a joint session of Congress.

Mr. Dionne never had much good to say about the war on terror to start with. Still, his attempt to brush it off scant hours before his own newspaper published an account of a possible new attack so ominous that the President of the United States was updated about it throughout the day marks as, ummm, noteworthy Dionne's argument that we should henceforth yawn our way through it all.  Under the circumstances as they developed on Thursday night, his Thursday morning invitation to complacency has to be viewed as giving new definition to the phrase, "masterpiece of bad timing."   



I agree with Dionne. Let's move on from 9/11. Let's win the battle of ideas against these backwards SOBs. Let's end FGM (Dionne would probably call it by its euphemism, female circumcision). Let's end the general subjugation of women in Muslim lands. Let's do this through our confidence in our nation and its values. America still inspires.

Dionne is a silly guy. Yeah, these guys were never going to bring down the US to utter ruin, but imagine what a few dirty bombs in US cities would do.

Hearts and minds, dontcha know. If there's a car bomb here or a bit of anthrax there -- hey, look, boys will be boys! I mean, if the United States were a better country, and didn't have all this secularism and pluralism and stuff, and paid more respect to Sharia law, and (consequently) put women and gays, you know, in their place, we wouldn't deserve what the Jihadists have in mind for us.

Get with it, federalist. You're just so, well, so WESTERNIZED. Betake thyself to your local multicultural center and open your mind to the lessons about how Amerika stinks.

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