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Protesting The Protest

In case you were wondering, there are persons of sense left in Oakland.  Chip Johnson writes in the SF Chron:

I'm one of the Oakland residents who paid for the renovation of Frank Ogawa Plaza outside Oakland City Hall, and now another group wants to claim it and rename it.

They're trying to be the new bosses, telling me where I need to go, who I need to talk with and what I really need to be doing.

I've had it.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan doesn't have the chutzpah to say it, so I will: Get off of my lawn.

*                                   *                              *

Quan gave up on enforcing the city's no-camping policy and has "asked" people not to camp on the plaza, then ordered Oakland police to maintain a minimum presence as demonstrators slowly but surely rebuilt their encampment outside City Hall. On Monday, the encampment was back in full swing.

The only damage done to business interests in Oakland are the small, owner-operated restaurants and retail stores near the plaza whose businesses are suffering as a result of the occupation.

It's the lack of political will and solidarity by Oakland's elected leadership over the years that has transformed Oakland into ground zero for rowdy demonstrations and emboldened some to rename the government plaza after Oscar Grant, whose death at the hands of a BART police officer in 2009 created a new generation of protesters whose primary staging ground is Oakland.

It makes sense. With a shortage of police officers and an abundance of elected officials who stand for nothing and will fall for just about anything, the plaza outside Oakland City Hall is ripe for decolonization.

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