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The Revolving Door

Question:  What is more disgusting than a spoiled Hollywood celebrity who thinks she can thumb her nose at the law, and nothing serious can be done to her?

Answer:  The realization she may be right.

Greg Risling of AP reports on Lindsay Lohan's latest revolving door visit to the LA County Jail.  The judge got serious and ordered that she spend 30 days in lockup.  She was there 4 hours and 47 minutes.  If my math is correct, that's a 99.3% discount.

"As pathetic as it sounds, this is not necessarily special treatment," said Adam H. Braun, a defense attorney who was not involved in the case. "It just depends how full the jail is when someone surrenders. If it is filled to capacity or nearly full, offenders like her are the first ones let go so more serious offenders can be held."
Lack of consequences for misbehavior is the first step toward dissolution of society.  Sure, we have to give priority to violent offenders.  But offenders of all kinds need to know there are real consequences.  Few minor offenders should actually go to jail, but a realistic threat of jail needs to be there to enforce compliance with the lesser sanctions.  At present, it just isn't there for too many cases.

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