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Second-Hand Weed

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Yehoshua Zarfin, Enav Yefet, Said Abozaid, Wael Nasser, Tamer Mor, and Yoram Finkelstein, Infant with Altered Consciousness after Cannabis Passive Inhalation, Child Abuse & Neglect  Volume:36  Issue:2  Dated:February 2012  Pages:81 to 83.  Abstract after the jump.
The article presents a case study of a previously healthy 13-month old male infant who was brought to the emergency department due to apathy, unresponsiveness, loss of appetite, and mild fever. A physical exam of the child found nothing abnormal that would cause the infants symptoms. A toxicology screening however, revealed the presence of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. The parents of the child admitted to having smoked cannabis for an extended period of time in their residence while the infant was sleeping. This led to the infant being passively exposed to cannabis for several hours. The infant was subsequently hospitalized and showed marked improvement after only a few hours. The article discusses the clinical effects of inhaling THC and the lack of clinical data detailing the effect of THC inhalation on children and infants. The authors note that health care professionals, especially pediatricians, should be more aware of the clinical manifestations of cannabis intoxication.

1 Comment

2nd Hand Tobacco Smoke damages lung function.

2nd Hand Marijuana Smoke damages lung and brain function.

Don't smoke anything around children.

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