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Koch and Lane on the Death Penalty

Intelligent life has been sighted at the Huffington Post.

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch has this ultimately Politically Incorrect piece at the bastion of all things Politically Correct, responding to an NYT editorial.  Wonder how that got through the screen.

Koch notes that the lack of an effective death penalty law in New York is the result of a judicial decision plus legislative gridlock, not a repeal bill actually passing the legislative process.  He also discusses deterrence, just deserts, and the chilling effect of unwarranted accusations of racism.

Meanwhile, at the WaPo, Charles Lane notes the Norwegian case of Anders Brevik.

Norway has suffered deeply because of Breivik, and I don't mean to add insult to injury. But this situation illustrates what's wrong with banning the death penalty in all cases. If executing an innocent man is the worst-case scenario for proponents of the death penalty, then threatening Breivik with prison is the reductio ad absurdum of death-penalty abolitionism.

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