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But It's Not Like They Don't Have a Sense of Humor...

The Washington Post features an article describing defense counsels' antics at the military commission trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his confederates for plotting 9-11.  The story thus far is, perhaps not surprisingly once you think about it, somewhat standard fare:  Counsel want to talk about everything except what their clients were up to.  That's routine stuff for criminal defense.  For all you could tell from counsels' interviews with the press, they might as well be talking about knocking over the gas station.  The enhanced opportunities for street theater are not that far off, however.

Still, there was one gem in the story.  It seems that the defense is not all that happy with the attire of one of the lady prosecutors:

[Defense lawyer Cheryl] Bormann also asked in court that a female member of the prosecution team dress more modestly, saying her clothing was a distraction for the defendants and might cause them to "commit a sin" by looking at her. Three women on the prosecution side wore knee-length skirts.

You really have to love it.  KSM and the boys plot the biggest mass murder in American history, don't deny it  --  indeed brag about it  --  and the problem we're having, more than ten long years after the fact, is the length of an assistant prosecutor's skirt.

UPDATE:  My friend John Hinderaker at Powerline shows what a farce this is.  And we have only just begun.

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