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That Pesky First Amendment

The Citizens United case has riled the Left at least since President Obama gave his on-high, if not particularly accurate, scolding to the Supreme Court  -- or at least those members of the Court having the misjudgment to think they could attend the State of the Union speech without being lectured like a bunch of misbehaving first graders.

On the Chicago-politician theory that you don't get mad, you get even, the President's friends in Congress have introduced legislation that would once again criminalize political speech when undertaken  by human beings who have organized into the heretofore legal groups known as corporations.

If some off-the-wall hick who wanted publicly to burn Korans had pulled this stunt, Keith Olbermann's head would explode.  As it is, it's left to George Will to expose those who gushingly praise the First Amendment when used to protect dirty pictures and flag burning, but think it's not such a hot idea if it just might be used to disrupt their monopoly on the public megaphone.

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