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Pot and Proactive Policing

Heather MacDonald has this article in the City Journal, subtitled "Reforming marijuana laws is one thing; demonizing the NYPD is another."

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has introduced a bill into the state legislature that drastically reduces the penalty for the public possession of small amounts of marijuana. The law represents Cuomo's entry into an escalating controversy over the New York Police Department's stop-and-frisk practices: anti-cop advocates charge that racially biased stop-and-frisks are producing racially biased marijuana arrests. Neither charge is true, and Cuomo's failure to say so has done the city a disservice. Nevertheless, Cuomo's bill is a change the city can live with, one that may even produce public-safety benefits. Predictably, however, the NYPD's opponents have already made clear that the proposed marijuana law will have no effect on their crusade to decimate proactive policing once and for all.

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