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The high cost of crime

Michael Hinkelman reports at philly.com:

THE ANNUAL COST of violent crime in Philadelphia averages more than $472 per person, or a total of $736 million in 2010 alone. That's just one eye-popping conclusion of a new study examining costs associated with violent crime.
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In the case of Philadelphia, the costs are staggering. The report's authors concluded that the direct, annual costs of violent crime in Philadelphia in 2010 came to $736 million. When intangible costs associated with violent crime are factored in -- such as the pain and suffering of surviving victims -- the tab for violent crime here topped out at $3.7 billion a year.

Interestingly, the study is sponsored by the Center for American Progress, a left-wing outfit.  I'll have to look at in more detail.


Silly me, I thought that locking criminals up was expensive. Little did I know . . . .

Philly had an effective Stop and Frisk program that was suspended because it offended the sensibilities of the ACLU and progressives. The result-murders year to date have grown from 143 to 173.

Similar murder rate rises are found in Chicago which lacks an effective Stop and Frisk program.

In contrast, murder rates in NYC are comparatively low because of a well-established Stop and Frisk program which is ironically under fire from progressives.

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