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How Long Is Life Minus One Year?

In United States v. Cassesse, Judge Newman of USCA2 ponders

the almost metaphysical issue of how, if at all, a lifetime term of supervised release, imposed for a supervised release violation, should be reduced by the number of months of a prison term imposed for that violation, a subtraction we are willing to assume is required by the literal terms of the provisions governing supervised release.
He ultimately ducks the math test by deciding that Congress did not intend the statute to apply literally to this situation.

An alternate mathematical solution (with the same result) is to understand a life term as a term of infinite years.  There is no limit in terms of time.  Custody, or supervision, is limited only by the overriding principle that we don't keep dead bodies in prison or supervise them.  Infinity minus one year is infinity, but the overriding principle still applies.  QED

Thanks to How Appealing for the link.

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