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News Scan

Oklahoma Acquires 20 Additional Doses of Lethal Injection Drug: Megan Rolland of NewsOK reports Oklahoma has acquired 20 additional doses of pentobarbital, the first drug administered as part of the state's three-drug lethal injection process. The state previously had one dose remaining. As reported in yesterdays News Scan, an attorney for Oklahoma death row inmate Michael Hooper had filed a lawsuit to halt Hooper's August 14 execution because there was no backup if the dose of pentobarbital failed.

2 Iowa Juvenile LWOP Cases to be Resentenced: Trish Mehaffey of The Gazette reports the Iowa Court of Appeals on Wednesday overturned the life sentences of two inmates convicted of first-degree murder at age 17, after the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling last month on mandatory juvenile life without parole sentences. Christine Lockheart and Thomas Bennett will now face resentencing. The District Court will be able to consider mitigating factors in determining sentencing. Lockheart was convicted of stabbing to death a retired bus driver in 1985. Bennett was convicted of shooting a disabled man to death during a robbery in 1998.

Chicago Police Will Only Detain Illegal Immigrants for Serious Crimes: Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times reports Chicago Major Rahm Emanuel and U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Chicago) on Tuesday unveiled the new so-called "Welcome City" ordinance, which prohibits police from detaining illegal immigrants unless they have been convicted of a serious crime or are wanted on a criminal warrant. "If you're an immigrant and you have no criminal background, I don't want that to be prohibitive from you contacting the police," Emanuel said. "I can't be advocating for the community to work with the Police Department if people are [so] worried about their immigration status that they don't report a crime," he added. Gutierrez said that with illegal immigrants less suspicious of police, it will be tougher on the gangs contributing to Chicago's spike in homicides.

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