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Death Penalty Takes Home the Gold

There's an old saying:  "He might be nasty, but at least he's stupid."  That brings to mind today's thought:  Abolitionists might be obtuse, but at least they're wimps.

I couldn't help noticing that, in a world where we are constantly lectured that the death penalty is becoming extinct, the three nations atop the medal standings in the Olympics all have an active death penalty:  the United States (37 medals, 18 gold); China (34 medals, 18 gold); and Japan (19 medals, 2 gold).  Meanwhile, those beacons of enlightenment, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, have a combined total of 6 medals. 0 gold.

Now what does that tell you? 
Absolutely nothing, but I try never to miss a chance to annoy the abbies.


But if the opposite were true (i.e., if the countries with the death penalty were winning fewer medals), I'm confident that the anti-death penalty folks would figure out a way to try to make a cause-and-effect argument.

They are a creative bunch, aren't they? But, given their position, creativity is about all there is in the cupboard.

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