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Holy overreaction, Batman!

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Last March, I posted on the guy pulled over by the police while dressed as the Caped Crusader.  He didn't have a valid license plate on the Batmobile.  His secret identity (no longer much of a secret) is Lenny Robinson rather than Bruce Wayne, but he really is a hero, spending his time and money cheering up very sick kids in hospitals.

Now for the bad news.  Josh McGhee reported in the Chicago Sun-Times last week:

An appearance by "Batman" and his Batmobile that was planned for Friday at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago has been canceled over concerns it could upset kids and their parents in the wake of last week's mass shooting at a Colorado premiere of the new Batman movie.

The hospital's staff gave it "a lot of thought" and "consulted child psychiatrists" before canceling the appearance because it "could be upsetting to patients and parents," hospital spokeswoman Julie Pesch said.

Laurie Strongin and Allen Goldberg of the Hope for Henry Foundation have this op-ed in the WaPo, calling the decision "a misguided overreaction."

To Henry, Batman symbolized the supremacy of good and the power of hope. Evil, like what we have seen perpetrated in Colorado, did not stand a chance against Batman. Well-meaning but mistaken adults and experts have replaced hope with fear by determining that Batman is inappropriate.

A hospital spokesperson in Chicago told the Chicago Sun-Times that officials had consulted psychologists before canceling Batman's appearance. Maybe they should have spoken to the kids.

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This is just so very sad and wrong for so many reasons. There is a "Take Back the Night" campaign, and it's been a really good thing. How about a "Take Back Batman" campaign?

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