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News Scan

New Device Matches Fingerprints Immediately:  The Associated Press reports that a new device about the size of a cellphone is helping police in Arizona quickly match fingerprints with the state's databank in order to identify suspects.  Four AZ cities are using the Morpho/Trak devices on a free pilot program.  If purchased, they would cost over $1,700 apiece, but officers seemed to believe they're worth it.  "I absolutely love it.  It's another tool in our toolbox," a veteran Mesa patrol officer told reporters.  The story details several incidents where the Morpho/Trak helped police quickly identify and arrest suspects.

Use of Force Incidents Bad PR for LAPD:  Recent video of LAPD officers hitting a handcuffed suspect, slamming a woman to the ground and an incident where a woman in the back of a police car died may undermine hard-won efforts to improve community relations.  AP writer Christina Hoag reports that while community groups have generally praised the Department's effort to reduce use of force complaints and improve communication, the recent incidents worry the President of the Los Angeles Police Commission who cautioned that it's too early to tell of a trend toward overaggressive tactics is developing.   

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