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News Scan

Some CA Juvenile Killers May Get Parole: Paige St John of the Los Angeles Times reports California's S.B. 9 would allow juveniles convicted of murder, excluding those guilty of killing an officer or torture, to be considered for parole after serving 25 years in prison. CA has 309 juvenile offenders currently serving sentences of life without parole. The US Supreme Court abolished the death penalty for minors in 2005 and mandatory life sentences without parole for minors tried as adults in July of this year, but California law already complied with both of those decisions. The only juveniles sentenced to life without parole in California are 16- and 17-year-olds whom the trial judge determined deserved that sentence on an individual basis.  Gov. Jerry Brown will decide on the bill by the end of the month.

Ex-Professor Pleads Guilty to University Shooting: The Associated Press reports two witnesses testified Monday in the case of ex-University of Alabama professor Amy Bishop. Bishop pleaded guilty to the 2010 shooting rampage that took the lives of three university professors and wounded three others, avoiding the death penalty. Bishop allegedly continued to try to shoot her the way out of the university but her gun jammed. Bishop could also face trial in Massachusetts for the 1986 death of her brother, which was originally ruled an accidental shooting. Bishop claims the gun went off while she was cleaning it, killing her brother. Prosecutors will decide whether to charge her pending Bishop's sentence in the 2010 shootings.

AL Judge Sentences Sheriff Killer to Death: Annie Hubbell of WSFA News reports Alabama Judge Jacob Walker has overturned the jury's recommendation and sentenced Gregory Lance Henderson to death Thursday. Henderson was convicted of running over a sheriff's deputy in 2009 during a routine traffic stop. Henderson will be executed by lethal injection.

Armed Murderer Escapes Miss. Prison: Reuters headlines convicted killer Michael Dowda escaped while on maintenance work detail from Mississippi State Penitentiary Saturday. Dowda had broken into a safe house on the prison grounds and took two handguns and a white truck before fleeing. Dowda was convicted of murder in 1998 and is serving a life sentence. He is considered armed and dangerous.

NC Double-Killer Escapes from Prison: The Associated Press reports convicted double-murderer James Ladd escaped from Tillery Correctional Center in North Carolina Sunday. Officers located the tractor Ladd was operating at the minimum security prison abandoned. Ladd, who was convicted of shooting two men to death in 1981, is serving three consecutive life sentences for murder and armed robbery. He has not been found.

Col. Inmate Kills One, Injures One: The Associated Press reports an inmate at the Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility in southeast Colorado killed a female kitchen staffer and wounded another Monday. The state prison had been put on lock down following the incident.

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