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3 Govs. Against Prop 34

Not exactly three amigos, but AP reports:

Three former California governors are urging voters to reject a ballot proposal next week that would abolish the state's death penalty.

Democrat Gray Davis and Republicans Pete Wilson and George Deukmejian joined murder victims' families in Los Angeles Tuesday to warn that Proposition 34 would erase history and potentially free imprisoned killers.

There are more than 700 inmates on California's death row.

Davis calls the proposal on the Nov. 6 ballot a "horrible injustice" that would reopen old wounds for victims' families.
The report notes the other side's argument:

The American Civil Liberties Union and other supporters say $4 billion has been spent since 1978 housing condemned inmates and on lengthy court appeals. They say that money could be used to investigate unsolved murder and rape cases.
But why are the appeals lengthy?  The cost of all appeals after the first is an unnecessary cost, at least to the extent they do not involve actual doubts of guilt, as they nearly always do not.  The cost of incarceration during those unnecessary appeals is an unnecessary cost.

And who opposed the bills that would have fixed this?  You guessed it:  the ACLU.

Update:  Video of the event is available in the No on 34 site's video gallery.  A longer version of the AP story by Michael Blood is here.

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