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The Death Penalty, Confined to the South

...South Dakota, that is, the state's second this month.  

I'll leave it to abolitionists to show us how South Dakota got to be part of the retrograde Old Confederacy.    While they're doing that, I'll post some of the details of the murder:

A South Dakota inmate was executed Tuesday night for the 1990 rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl who disappeared after leaving her home to buy sugar at a nearby store so she could make lemonade.

Can't have those 9-year-old's making lemonade!

Becky's mother, Tina Curl, has been steadfast in her wish to watch Moeller die, even raising funds to cover the expenses to make the 1,400-mile trip from her home in New York state to Sioux Falls for the execution.

"He watched my daughter take her last breath. I want to watch him take his last breath," Curl told The Associated Press in August. "I'm doing this for her and for me."

Now we know that can't be true, having been lectured hundreds of times that victims' families empathize with the killer and want him to get counseling, or something.

The AP story is here.

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