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Gender Gap on Pot?

Here is a curious result from SurveyUSA on the Colorado marijuana decriminalization proposal, Amendment 64:

Amendment 64, which led by 11 points 5 weeks ago, leads by 5 points today. 48% vote Yes, 43% vote No. There has been an 18-point erosion in support among women, who 5 weeks ago favored Amendment 64 by 10 points, but who today oppose the Amendment by 8 points. There has been 14-points of erosion among those with a 4-year college degree, who 5 weeks ago favored the Amendment by 9 points, and now oppose it by 5 points. A similar but smaller shift occurred among upper-income voters.

The results still show a double-digit lead among men.  Curious that such a dramatic shift would occur among women and not men.

The survey also shows a slight shift in the presidential race.  Obama was ahead by a nose, and now Romney is ahead by a nose.  This change is well within sampling error, though.

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