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News Scan

SD Set to Execute Inmate: Amber Hunt of the Associated Press reports that Eric Robert is set to be executed in South Dakota Monday night at 10:00 p.m.  It will be the first execution in SD in five years. Robert pleaded guilty to murdering a prison guard during an attempted escape in 2011. At the time Robert was serving an 80 year sentence for kidnapping. The guard was killed after Robert and an accomplice hit him with a pipe and covered his mouth with plastic wrap. Robert then put on his uniform and attempted to escape with his accomplice in a box on a pushcart. When suspicious guards approached them, Robert attacked one of them and was eventually subdued when more guards arrived. Robert says his only regret is that he did not kill more guards and successfully escape. Robert has never appealed his sentence, and SD Gov. Dennis Daugaard will not intervene to stop the execution.

Realignment Has Negative Impacts in CA: Scott Thomas Anderson of Gold Country News Service reports on a study by the Public Policy Institute of California on the effect of AB 109 (realignment) on counties. The study found that 17 counties were operating under court ordered capacity limits and that 93 percent of all county jails were already at full capacity before realignment. As a result jails are being forced to release various types of inmates who are awaiting trial, based on a threat index that considers a criminal's most recent offense. A Roseville police spokesperson said that these so called nonviolent offenders are still dangerous. Local jails are housing hardened criminals who used to be sent to prison, and this changed the environment in many jails. California Police Chiefs Association President Scott Seaman reported that police chiefs all over California are concerned about the impact of AB 109. Both the state Police Chiefs Association and the California District Attorneys Association oppose realignment.

Oakland's Violent Crime Wave Taking Toll on Officers:
Dawn Edwards of the Examiner reports that the recent violent crime wave is becoming a major challenge for the Oakland Police Department. Officers are under pressure due to a dramatic increase in crime, which includes 11 murders in October so far and a record-setting 3,000 demands for service a day.

20 CA Prison Employees Fired for Phone Smuggling to Inmates: Jack Dolan of the Los Angeles Times reports that the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has investigated 419 rule violations by prison employees in the first six months of 2012.  Among these are 54 allegations of smuggling cellphones to inmates, which has resulted in the firing or resignation of twenty employees.  Among the remaining thirty-four, allegations against thirteen have been dropped while the rest remain under investigation.  Most of the reported cellphone smuggling has been motivated by money or romances between inmates and employees.  Corrections officials claim that new cellphone towers capable of blocking reception to any unapproved phone will be in place by 2015.

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