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News Scan

Victims Groups Speak Out on Realignment:  Fox 11 news in Los Angeles has this story on a press conference by victims groups on the steps of the California Capitol yesterday.  The subject was AB109, Governor Brown's so called Public Safety Realignment Law which shifts responsibility for most inmates released from state prison to counties and restricts most property and drug felons and parole violators from being sentenced to prison.  For more on this subject, visit our Realignment web page

Sandusky Sentenced to 30 Years: Ian Simpson and Dave Warner of Reuters report Judge John Cleland sentenced Former Pennsylvania State University football coach Jerry Sandusky to 30 to 60 years in prison. Sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of child molestation of 10 boys over the course of 15 years. He has been returned to a local jail until he is taken to prison. He will be at least 98 before he is eligible for parole. This is a continuation from Bill Otis' post that can be read here.

WA Inmate Gets Third Strike for Attempted Murder:
Eric Stevick of Herald Net News reports inmate Daniel Jay Perez was convicted Monday of attempted second-degree murder and second-degree assault of a fellow inmate in a Washington prison. Perez crept up behind an inmate in the laundry room of a special offenders unit and attempted to strangle him by wrapping cloth around his neck. The inmate lost consciousness and Perez returned to his cell. This was Perez's third strike and he faces a sentence of life without parole under the state's law. Perez was already serving a 30-year sentence for killing his cell mate in 2006. He was originally convicted of vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, and theft and sentenced to 14 months in prison. Perez will be sentenced Nov. 8.

MO Murderer Freed, Victim's Families Not Told:
The Associated Press reports that Missouri officials granted parole to a convicted murderer without notifying the families of the victims.  James Gant was convicted of executing a 16-year-old girl and wounding two others in 1977 during a drug deal. The victim's 22-year-old boyfriend was meeting with Gant to purchase a small amount of marijuana. Gant had been ordered by his uncle to kill the girl's boyfriend and leave no witnesses; the boyfriend and the victim's 19-year-old best friend survived but the girlfriend was killed. Gant was sentenced to 200 years in prison. He served 34 years before being eligible for parole. The families of the victims were not notified of Gant's parole hearing nor of his release last year. The outraged families had hoped Gant would never be released from prison.

Passing Prop 34 Abandons Murder Victims:
McGregor Scott, former Shasta County district attorney and U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of California, has this opinion in the Reporter arguing repealing California's death penalty would be abandoning the victims of these most heinous killers. Scott is the co chairman of the No on Proposition 34 campaign. He is supported in opposition to Prop 34 by virtually all California law enforcement organizations and district attorneys.

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