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News Scan

SD First Use of Single-Drug Execution: The Associated Press reports that Eric Robert was executed Monday night by lethal injection. Robert was pronounced dead at 10:24 p.m. He was the first inmate executed with the single-drug lethal injection method in South Dakota. Continued from this news scan.

CA Senator Says Realignment Disregards Public Safety: The Sierra Sun Times has this statement from California Senator Tom Berryhill who argues realignment has shifted responsibility for some dangerous criminals to local counties and disregards public safety. Senator Berryhill outlines the crimes committed so called low-risk offenders which have occurred as a direct result  of AB 109 including rape, stabbings, attempted murder, robberies, playground stalking, and attacks on police officers. One particularly hard hit community noted by Senator Berryhill is Fresno. In Fresno County, the jail is too full to hold anyone on a parole violation including sex offenders, who violate parole by hanging around parks or schools.  Until a child is molested or hurt these offenders cannot be put in jail.

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