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CA Parolees Removing GPS Monitors: Mike Luery of KCRA 3 reports 1,165 parolees at large in California are have removed required  GPS monitoring devices. Of those, 81% are sex offenders. Under AB 109, this parole violation results in a maximum sentence of 180 days in county jail. State prison officials support making the removal of a GPS monitor a felony, and crime victim advocates intend on taking an initiative to overturn Realignment to voters.

OH Executes Dismemberment Killer: The Associated Press reports Brett Hartman was executed by a one-drug lethal injection of pentobarbital Tuesday in Ohio. Hartman was pronounced dead at 10:34 a.m. Continued from this news scan.

ID Prison Inmates Sue, Gangs Control Prison: Rebecca Boone of the Associated Press reports eight inmates at a private Idaho prison have filed a lawsuit against the Corrections Corporation of America Friday. Officials at the Idaho Correctional Center have allegedly given some control of the prison to gang leaders in order to reduce staffing costs. Officials are said to be utilizing threats of gang violence and housing gang members together to allow for the use of fewer guards. Prison staffers and gang leaders are also allegedly negotiating the placement of new inmates and some guards are not enforcing certain rules out of fear for their own safety.

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