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News Scan

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CA Sex Offenders Violate Parole, Spend Only Days in Jail: Laura Cole of CBS News 13 reports California corrections supervisor Susan Kane, who worked with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for 30 years, said crime in the state is the worst she has seen. Kane tracks sex offenders in San Joaquin County. She explained that some sex offenders are released from jail and back on the street within a few days of violating their parole. She said, "Oh, it's absolutely crazy, when I look at a case and we put him in jail eight times in the last month and every time we put him in jail, he gets out the next day." In the county, there are more than 50 sex offenders had violated their parole and were released within days in the past two months; about 14 violated their parole more than once.

TX Set to Execute Repeat Killer: Michael Graczyk of the Associated Press reports convicted sex offender and killer Ramon Torres Hernandez is set to be executed in Texas Wednesday evening. Hernandez was one of three convicted for the murder of a 37-year-old woman in 2001. Hernandez, his pregnant girlfriend, and a friend were driving around San Antonio looking for someone to rob. His friend grabbed the victim's purse while she was waiting at a bus stop. When she wouldn't let go, he pulled her into the car. The trio then taped her mouth shut and used a towel to cover her head. They rented a motel room, where they then raped and killed the victim. Hernandez' girlfriend contacted police almost a week later and helped them locate the body. Hernandez was on parole for the rape and burglary of a woman at the time of the murder. DNA also linked him to the rape and murders of two girls, 12- and 13-years old in 1994. Hernandez is also a suspect in the 1994 murders of two 15-year-old girls.

CA Inmate Shot by Guard Identified: The Associated Press reports convicted killer Christopher Sanchez was identified as the inmate fatally shot by a guard at the High Desert State Prison in Susanville last week. Sanchez and another inmate refused to respond to orders from a guard to stop kicking and stabbing another inmate in the yard. Sanchez was serving an 85 year sentence for a shooting that killed one girl and wounded another man in 2009. The names of the other two inmates have not been released.

Law Firm Releases Prison Gang Assault Videos:
The KBOI News 2 Staff reports the law firm representing eight inmates in a lawsuit alleging gangs are running an Idaho prison have released videos of a prison attack. Continued from this news scan.

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| | CA Inmate Shot by Guard Identified:
...convicted killer Christopher Sanchez was identified as the inmate fatally shot by a guard...kicking and stabbing another inmate in the yard.| |

Strangely, this is close-to-the-preferred death for a murderer in the view of many liberal people with whom I work, and untold bloggers and citizens in this country.

As with J. Dahmer, many oppose a court-ordered execution in any case,
but support an inmate-delivered killing in selected egregious cases.

[Since this was C/O delivered, abolitionists may feel ambiguous.]


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