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News Scan

TX Double Murderer Executed: Michael Graczyk of the Associated Press reports Preston Hughes III was executed by lethal injection Thursday evening in Texas for the 1988 murder of a three-year-old boy and his 15-year-old cousin. He was pronounced dead at 7:52 p.m. Update to this news scan.

CA Governor Seeks Prison Cap Delay:
Paige St. John of the Los Angeles Times reports California Governor Jerry Brown's administration asked federal judges Thursday for a prison population cap delay of six months. Alternative ways to handle prison overcrowding are being discussed. A three-judge panel ordered the state to have an alternative plan ready by January 7.

CA Will Release Kidnap Rapist Under Medical Parole Law: The Associated Press reports a California parole board has agreed to free quadriplegic rapist Steven Martinez under a medical parole law.  The Fourth District Court of Appeal in San Diego ordered his release in an October 25 ruling. The opinion is here. Martinez was sentenced to 157 years to life for kidnapping and raping a San Diego woman multiple times in 1998. He was paralyzed from the neck down when an inmate stabbed him in the neck a decade ago. His medical care has cost the state $625,000 annually.  Now San Diego County will pick up the tab.

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