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Is the Death Penalty Really Dead in Connecticut?

Apparently not.  Although the state foolishly  --  and now, in light of the grotesque Newtown chlid massacre, embarrassingly  --  abolished its death penalty in April, Connecticut citizens are still ready to hand it out to those who've worked hard to earn it.  Thus, Azibo Aquart, a veteran drug dealer, was sentenced to death in a Connecticut courtroom yesterday for killing three people by bludgeoning them with a baseball bat.  The New York Times has the story.

Readers might be wondering how a death sentence can be imposed in Connecticut after the state abolished capital punishment.  The answer is (and no, this is not a joke):  Thank goodness for the Obama administration.  DOJ brought federal murder charges in federal court, which is not bound by state law.*  DOJ is free to seek the federal death penalty nationwide.

The death penalty is less popular with Democrats than with Republicans, so DOJ, and Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer in particular, are to be congratulated for having the determination to persist in seeking the only justice that fits a venal and gruesome multiple murder like this.

*Potheads in Colorado and Washington might do well to remember this fact.

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