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News Scan

CT Triple Killer Sentenced to Death in Federal Court: The Associated Press reports United States District Court Judge Janet Bond Arterton sentenced Azibo Aquart to death in Connecticut Monday. On August 24, 2005, Aquart and three accomplices bound three victims with duct tape then beat them to death with baseball bats. Aquart's attorney will be filing an appeal.

US Executed 43 in 2012: Mark Sherman of the Associated Press reports four states carried out more than 75 percent of the executions in the nation in 2012. Nationally, 43 death row inmates were executed this year. Of those, Texas executed 15, while Oklahoma, Arizona, and Mississippi each executed six. The remaining nine states, Ohio, Florida, South Dakota, Delaware, and Idaho, executed ten inmates combined. In 2011, 43 people were executed, compared to 98 in 2000.

MA Quad-Killer Sentenced: My Fox Boston News reports Dwayne Moore was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences Tuesday in Massachusetts. Moore was convicted Monday of killing four people during a drug-related robbery on September 28, 2010. He killed two men, 21 and 22, a woman, 21, and her son, 2-years-old. Moore dragged some of the victims naked into the street before shooting them. A fifth man was left paralyzed. Moore's attorney will be filing an appeal.

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