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News Scan

CA Quad-Shooter's Probation Should Have Been Revoked: Susan Abram and Eric Hartley of the Daily News report that Ka Pasasouk is the lead suspect in a quadruple shooting murder that took place Sunday in Northridge, California.  Passasouk had missed a court hearing and nearly had his probation revoked three weeks earlier. However, since he showed up later in the day, the judge let him remain free. He had missed two prior check-ins with his probation officer this year. He was placed on probation for a methamphetamine charge in September. After serving only two weeks in jail, the judge let him go under the condition that he was not to come into contact with any firearms. Passasouk has an extensive criminal history, including two convictions of the unauthorized taking of a vehicle in 2004, robbery in 2006, and a felony theft conviction in 2010. Three others are also implicated in the murders.

AZ Double-Killer Executed: The Associated Press reports Richard Dale Stokley was executed in Arizona Wednesday. Stokley and an accomplice had been convicted of raping and murdering two thirteen-year-old girls in 1991. Continued from this news scan.

CA Jury Deliberates Death Sentence for 'Sweetheart Murders': CBS 13 has this article discussing the prosecution's argument for the death penalty for Richard Hirschfield in California. Hirschfield was convicted of the 1980 'Sweetheart Murders' which took place in Davis. He kidnapped a college student couple, both 18-years-old. He sexually assaulted the female and slit both of their throats. The couple's bodies were found two days later about 30 miles away. DNA from semen on a blanket in the boyfriend's trunk was linked to Hirschfield in 2002.  The jury will return to court for deliberations Thursday.  Update:  The jury returned a verdict of death after deliberating 2 1/2 hours, Andy Furillo reports for the Sacramento Bee.

OH Death Sentence Upheld for Cemetery Killer: The Associated Press reports the Ohio Supreme Court upheld 6-1 Phillip Jones' conviction of the 2007 rape and strangling to death of a woman. Jones argued the murder had been an accident that occurred during rough, consensual intercourse in a cemetery.

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